Sunday, March 13

Obama agency head: "Social Security is perfectly fine."

At some point you might have heard that Social Security was/is in deep financial trouble.

In that case it will come as a huge relief to read a letter written by Obama's director of the Office of Management and Budget and published in USA Today. Director Jack Lew wrote that the SS trust fund is solvent through 2037, so the Obama administration doesn't plan to take any actions to pull Social Security toward some imitation of solvency--such as raising the retirement age a couple of years, or revamping how benefits are increased to reflect inflation.

In other words: "Problem? What problem? We don't see any problem."


But wait a second, Mr. Lew: Weren't you also director of OMB clear back in 1999, under Bill Clinton? And didn't your agency tell Congress way back a dozen years ago that “[The SS trust funds] do not consist of real economic assets that can be drawn down in the future to fund benefits”?

Mr. Lew, do you know of anything that's happened between 1999 and today that would make the SS problem *less* severe now than it was then? Of course not.

So, Mr. Lew, aren't you're simply lying now--outrageously, brazenly--so that your boss can avoid having to make the tough choices that a responsible president would normally be called upon to make to repair the bankrupt SS system?

Of course Democrats can't ever admit that SS is bankrupt, because it would amount to an admission that their opponents were right all along: it's a mistake, an unsustainable Ponzi scheme that transfers debt to future generations to buy votes today.

You were warned--damn near endlessly--but you said, in effect, "You skeptics can go to hell--we're Democrats and we know what's best. And so you went ahead and did it anyway.

Well, the true problems are about to hit like a freight train. And all your sputtering and yammering and clouds of bullshit rhetoric won't add one dime to the accounts--much less make the problem disappear.

And when the speeding freight train that is reality slams into our noble but battered vehicle, it would be great if just a handful of you liberal jerks would say, "Um, hey, we're all kind of sorry that our predecessors refused to listen, refused to obey the principles laid down by the Founders, and we won't start unconstitutional programs ever again."

But you won't. In fact you'll try to blame Bush. Or global worming. Or locusts. Something. Anything but your own stupid party and its willingness to defy mathematics to get re-elected.

I'd tell you how much I hate you and your fellow Democrats for ruining the economy of what was once a really great country but you wouldn't understand me. Plus I've got a lot of things that are more important to do.

Like getting drunk.


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