Sunday, March 13

3 children stabbed to death in Israeli settlement

At 1 a.m. Saturday morning in the small West Bank settlement of Itamar, someone broke into a house and stabbed three children to death--including a two-month-old baby--along with their parents. The killer or killers escaped and have not been identified.

Due to the extremely barbaric nature of the crime--what kind of person would cut a baby's throat?--and the settlement's West Bank location--surrounded by Palestinians--Israeli newspapers charged that the crime was committed by Palestinian terrorists. Palestinian residents were quick to condemn this charge as unproven.

But then something happened that may provide a clue: Just hours later, Palestinian residents of the city of Rafah in Gaza took to the streets to celebrate the killings. Residents passed out candy and sweets, and one said the joy “is a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on Palestinians in the West Bank.”

No comment I can make can out-do that short vignette.

And as if celebrating the murder of sleeping children isn't bad enough, pro-Palestinian commenters are coming out of the woodwork charging that the murders were actually carried out by Jewish extremists, to inflame public opinion in Israel against Palestinians.

It's hard to even grasp the depth of depravity needed to make such a claim. Click on the link and see for yourself.

In fairness, a spokesman for the Palestinian government condemned the attack.

Now, I realize most or many Pali's hate the Israelis, and it's reasonable to think that Palestinians who had had family members killed during Israeli military operations would be burning for vengeance. But what kind of mind would take the time to plan an operation to intentionally cut the throat of a child?


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