Tuesday, February 1

Democrats: "Muslim Brotherhood" is peaceful--trust us!

By now it's pretty much settled that the Egyptian people have ousted Mubarak. (He may still be in country but enough dominoes have fallen that it's highly unlikely he'll remain president.)

Accordingly, a lot of folks want to know who will come out at the top of the new government.

The American "mainstream media"--95 percent leftist, 20 percent terminally naive (some are in both groups)--have told you this is a "democratic movement" or "democratic revolution," which suggests (duh) a democratic form of government will emerge.

Hey, there's always a chance for democratic government to emerge, and we wish them the best of luck. "Hope springs eternal" and all that.

Realistically, though, the chances for this are slim to none. Reason is that after almost every coup, the group that takes over is either the most organized or the most violent. (If two groups are in contention, the more violent will usually defeat a better-organized but less-violent rival.)

In Egypt the clear pick either way is a group called the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The Muslim Brotherhood." What a convivial concept--like a fraternity or something.

Except this outfit supports jihad, Islamic conquest of the entire world and conversion or submission of everyone on the planet to that good ol' "religion of pieces." This information, BTW, is from the mission statement at the top of the *arabic language version* of their website. (Not surprisingly, the English-language version has no similar statement.)

Now, it's always *possible* that despite its self-proclaimed support for jihad and world conquest in its mission statement, the Muslim Brotherhood has changed since that was written, and is now all about peace and unicorns and coexistence. After all, how can we Americans know one way or the other at this distance?

Well here's a big clue: Look at the number of articles in the MSM telling you that the MB opposes violence, and how it didn't start the demonstrations that led to the current revolt, or how the revolt is not driven by Islam.

When that many MSM outlets are pushing a meme that hard, it pegs my BS-detector.

In any case, we'll find out in a few months whether Egypt gets its democratic government, as the U.S. media is trying to convince you will happen. But for the record, I'll predict the next government will be a) Islamic, and b) controlled by the MB.

I'll go one step further and predict that there will be exactly zero stories in the MSM confirming that the MB is running things. One will only be able to learn that by reading posts by dissident bloggers in Egypt.

And since only ten percent of Americans will know how to do that, it will be almost impossible to convince the rest of the herd if this happens.



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