Sunday, January 30

Who said, on live TV, "Egypt has the Panama Canal?

On MSNBC--on-camera, live-- Sarah Palin said "Egypt has of course the Panama Canal.


Oh, wait...did I say Sarah Palin? My bad--it was that leftwing moron and Obama ass-kisser Chris Matthews.

One can only imagine the horrified gasps in the control room after that one. And sure enough, about 20 seconds later--in the middle of a totally different point--Matthews interjected into the middle of a totally unrelated sentence, "--the Suez canal."

Fortunately it happened on MSNBC so only two dozen people in the country saw it.

Now, it's obvious to all of us that everyone has brain hiccups like this. But can you imagine the reaction from the MFM if, say, Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney said *exactly* the same thing?

The MFM are a pack of hypocritical rat-bastards. Period.

Oh, and let me apologize to literal rat-bastards everywhere for the libelous comparison.


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