Wednesday, January 26

WH press corps jumps to their feet for O, stayed seated for W

Someone noticed that when Obama dropped in unannounced to one of the regular WH press conferences, all the reporters stood up--the customary sign of respect when the president enters the room. But just a year earlier, when President George W. Bush made the same drop-in, not one of the reporters stood.

Of course I expect most Democrats will claim this story is a lie invented by conservatives to damage the credibility of the so-called "mainstream media." And to a liberal, that's a pretty reasonable assumption. After all, the *media* constantly lie to damage conservatives (example: blaming the Arizona shooting on a right-wing crazy who was responding to the use of cross-hairs in a web posting on Sarah Palin's site) so naturally they believe conservatives must do the same thing, right?

Fortunately somebody got it all on tape.

I'll admit, it's such an outrageous example of the difference in the way reporters treated Bush that I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. But there it is.

Wonder how long it'll last on You-Tube?

Any leftists/ socialists/ Democrats still wanna claim the press isn't thoroughly, wretchedly, irredeemably biased toward Democrats and against conservatives?

And I wonder how long before some Leftist commenters start claiming this vid is a fake?

(h/t Patrick Gavin)


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