Friday, January 21

Imam declares Muslims may steal from non-Muslims

Radical Muslims have started publishing a magazine, "Inspire." In the newest issue, an article calls for "dispossessing unbelievers of their wealth."

Ya' gotta' love that euphemism "dispossessing."

Here's the takeaway line:
[P] the hands of the disbelievers is not considered to be rightfully theirs in our Islamic shari'ah because of their disbelief.
Translation: These crazy, inbred, rat bastard followers of a bloodthirsty megalomaniac just declared that Muslims have not just the right but the duty to steal from non-Muslims.

And notice please: This isn't a translation problem, or a report from an anonymous informant of questionable reliability. Rather, it's right there in print, in English, in the pages of their own damn magazine.

One of you liberals wanna' take a shot at explaining to the rest of us dumb rubes why this isn't really what they mean, or why it's really not a problem but is just a phrase taken out of context (ooooh, always gotta' consider the context) that's being blown out of proportion by crazy rightwingers?


All I'm hearin' right now are crickets.

Moreover, for those of you who think "shari'ah law" is just fine (since liberal pencil-necks have been telling us for years that all cultures are equal), the Muslim author has just claimed that the command that Muslims should steal from non-Muslims is an integral part of shari'ah law.

So if your state hasn't already done so, now would be a great time to consider amending your state's constitution to provide that no court or government entity or agent shall consider any non-U.S. law--specifically including shari'ah law--when making an official decision or taking an official action.

We may not be able to get the federal government to do the right thing, but getting 30 or 35 states to man up would be a big help.


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