Saturday, January 15

Detroit to close half its public schools??

Detroit--once the 4th largest city in the U.S.--is planning to close half of its public schools.

You might think that with all the people fleeing that Democrat-run cesspool, the number of students might have fallen by half, so they don't need the extra classrooms. Logical, logical.

But wrong. Instead, after the closures class sizes will go UP--consolidated high-school class sizes would increase to 62 by 2014.

Instead the *announced* reason save $31 million through 2013.

That's a laudable goal. But note that the school district is facing a deficit of $327 million. So the planned closures will reduce the deficit by less than ten percent.

Funny, funny stuff. It's what you get when people who either know nothing about math--or are willing to ignore what the math is telling them--try to run a half-billion-dollar-a-year enterprise.

This is a peek at the outcome of socialism.

Sort of like health-care in Cuba: Mikey Moore and American leftists think it's just super. To ordinary Cubans, it's ghastly.

Which group you believe depends on whether ideology matters more to you than actual results.

BTW, the Detroit thing is coming to other states soon: First California and Illinois, then the other Dem-run, union-dominated cesspools.

Sad, really.


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