Saturday, December 30

Faced with coldest New Year's Eve in a century that can't be hidden, Left counterattacks

With tens of thousands of people slated to jam New York City for New Year's Eve--which is thoroughly covered by all the networks--the "global warming is caused by humans emitting CO2 and is killing the planet" crowd knew they had a problem:  They knew they couldn't hide what's looking like a temperature that will be the coldest in a century.

Let me explain.

The whole "AGW" scam ("anthropogenic global warming, meaning the claim that significant, dangerous global warming is not just happening but is caused by CO2, specifically emitted by human activity) depends on the gullibility and scientific ignorance of most Americans.  Accordingly, it depends on propaganda.  Smoke and mirrors.  "Sizzle."  Emotion.

By contrast, numbers have virtually no effect.  When Minot, North Dakota, sees 40-below, no one from Dallas really gets it.  Yesterday a ski area in Vermont closed its lifts because of a daytime temp of minus-31 degrees, but you didn't hear about it.  And except for this, you won't.

Doesn't help the Narrative.

Besides, virtually no one without a strong math background can make sense of abstract numbers.  For most people personal experience and perception far outweigh assertions--even emotionally-based ones.  (Think how often the Left has used the debunked pic of the polar bear on the tiny ice floe, and how effective it was.) 

But if tens of thousands of young Americans personally experience the record cold, they're far less likely to believe the Narrative.

But even worse from the warmies standpoint: How many millions of young Americans will be watching television coverage of New Year's Eve Part from NYC?  How many will hear the hosts repeatedly complaining of the bitter cold?  Think that might get a lot more people to doubt the propaganda?

So how does the Left react when it looks like one of their cherished Narratives is about to take a big hit?  The Huffington Post shows you:

Much Of America Will Kick Off 2018 With Record Low Temperatures

Meanwhile, most of the rest of the world will be abnormally warm.

Yep.  Of course no one has a ghost of a chance of finding out whether that dire, ghastly, deadly prediction will turn out to be true.  But gullible leftists will seize on the claim.


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