Thursday, August 17

Time for another edition of "Fact or Fake"

...the game where you get to play editor of a Fake Mainstream Media "news" organ, and decide whether to run a bullshit story that damages Trump, or kill a real story that damages the Democrats.

So...decide whether each of the following stories is "fact or fake." 
  • Black "pastor" in Chicago demands George Washington park be renamed "Malcolm X Park";
  • Mother of woman killed in Charlottesville claims "They killed my daughter to shut her up."
  • Black activist organization demands George Washington be removed from the dollar bill and replaced with engraving of Maxine Waters;
  • Black activist organization demands Washington DC be renamed "Raacist Capital of AmeriKKKa."
  • Not content with merely removing Trump, Maxine Waters calls for impeaching BOTH Trump and Pence.
  • WaPo runs long opinion piece criticizing Serena Williams for having a 1950's-themed party, claiming "venerating the 1950s" helps...Trump;  [to see the answer click here] 

Answers to 1 thru 5 above:

Black pastor demands...
Mother of woman killed in Charlottesville...
Maxine Waters...


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