Wednesday, August 16

Bloggers note one group had a permit to march, the other didn't; Lying Media counterattacks

It's been noted that the group protesting against the planned removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee from the park that was formerly named after him in Charlottesville had a permit, but the left-wing facist thugs who attacked them didn't.

Faced with discrepancy, the leftwing, Lying Mainstream media has created a clever counterattack:  pics of Allied soldiers storming the beach on D-day, with the caption
 "Also confronted the Nazi's without a permit."
Clever, huh.  And to the surprise of no one, a dozen mainstream and leftist media organs came out with the virtually the same type of pic and caption at the same time.

Almost like it was a coordinated campaign or something. 

But remember, citizen:  There's no left/liberal bias in the media!  And if you persist in thinking there is, you'll be fired.  Cuz Dems are all about political correctness.


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