Tuesday, March 17

Faabulous new urban school program stops disciplining bad behavior. Result? Just as you'd expect.

Big-city public schools are always trying super-duper new ideas.  Always liberal or so-called "progressive" ideas, of course.  Never conservative ones.  Because liberal ideas always produce such fabulous results.

The newest new fabulous thing in the public schools is something called "restorative justice."  It's such a wildly popular theory that one company has already made millions of taxpayer dollars training teachers in how it works.

Cool, huh.

This hot new idea is rooted in the observation that black students are disciplined at higher rates than whites.  Naturally this can only be because teachers are unconsciously racist.  No other explanation is possible, therefore no other explanation will be considered.

Under this hot new theory, any black kid who pulls a knife on another student, or gropes a teacher, or threatens to kill a teacher, can't be suspended or otherwise punished.  Instead proponents of this wonderful new system encourage the...let's call 'em "troubled youth"...to verbalize how they feel.  This is better because it keeps 'em in school, which is better.

Exactly how this is better, and who it benefits, aren't much examined.  All but a few white teachers hate it, and say it's destroyed what little order there was in their classrooms.  Bullies and thugs and gang-bangers instantly picked up on the new deal and are reportedly swaggering around the halls during class, secure in the knowledge that administrators won't take any action against them.  The word has come down from headquarters to support the New New Thing, or else.

It's probably just a coincidence that since public schools get funds based on the number of warm bodies in attendance, the fabulous new scheme maximizes a school's funding.  But I'm a bit cynical.

The NY Post describes things in highly critical terms.  Click the link.


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