Friday, January 9

Keystone pipeline again: Nebraska court punts, removing one more bullshit "obstacle" cited by the emperor

Wanna see brazen, naked hypocrisy by the emperor and most Democrats?

Actually most of you would probably prefer to believe that the emperor and Democrats are NOT hypocritical pieces of shit.  I don't blame you.  But you can either live in your pretend world or the real one.  Your call.

Oh, and would you mind letting me know how that pretend world works for ya?  Thanks SO much. 

Today the House passed a bill authorizing construction of the Keystone pipeline.  This happened just hours after Nebraska's Supreme Court declined to rule on a lawsuit challenging the proposed route.

The $5.4 Billion, privately-funded project, which would move oil from Canada to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries, was first proposed in 2008.  The asshole in the White Hut has been blocking it since then.

In case you've been living on the planet Clueless, the emperor has promised to veto the House bill.

Nebraska's governor opposed the pipeline's original proposed route that crossed the environmentally sensitive Sandhills region.  But the company altered the proposed route to avoid the Sandhills, and the gov approved the new path.  He noted that the proposal was also approved by Nebraska's Department of Environmental Quality.

It's *really* worth noting that the main *stated* objection cited by enviros was the huge, HUGE danger the pipeline posed to the fragile Sandhills.  Because, you know, pipelines just break ALL the time.  You hear about these crazy things every week or two, right?  Some pipeline breaks and pours oil into everyone's basement and swimming pool.  Right?

The Nebraska court's ruling was significant because the emperor had said one of the main reasons he refused to approve the route was that he wanted to let the court decide the case.  Of course all of you with more than room-temperature IQs knew this was utter and complete bullshit:  The emperor was simply hoping the court would allow him to dodge the decision (again).

He's canny and cunning like that, ya know?

The House approved the bill by 266-153 vote, with 28 Democrats joining Republicans in voting for it.  Unfortunately this is just a few votes short of the two-thirds needed to override the emperor's promised veto.  And of course Republicans don't have 2/3 of the senate, so unless a few Dem senators defect (fat fucking chance) the senate won't have enough to override a veto either.  Which is why 28 Dem representatives could vote for the bill, cuz they knew the senate wouldn't be get the idea.

Although the Nebraska court case was one of the reasons the emperor had been ducking, the court's ruling earlier Friday did little to change the president's position.  Spokesman Eric Schultz made clear Obama still wants to wait for a State Department review process to "play out."   Schultz said regardless of the ruling, the House bill...mumble mumble bullshit bullshit babblespeak squidcloud.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said "argle-bargle bullshit bullshit irrelevant posing POS," urging Obama to reverse his veto threat in light of the court decision.

House Speaker John of Orange (RINO/Dem-Ohio) made the same appeal, saying "argle-bargle bullshit bullshit irrelevant POS" veto would put [Obama's] political interests ahead of the needs and priorities of the American people."  Like his own.

Obama has long resisted moving forward on the project, citing both the Nebraska lawsuit and a State Department bullshit review process.

I mean, c'mon:  What earthly, for fuck's sake, reason is the fucking State Department involved in this question?  Does it know dick about energy?  Geology?   Aquifers?  Metallurgy?  Pipeline technology? 

Of course not.  The secretary of state is an expert in marrying wealthy women, dodging taxes and making dumbass statements to foreign journalists.  The emperor's use of State is an effort to make other agents responsible for a NO decision, pure and simple.

So, so transparent.  So...responsible.  So...liberal/Democrat/Obozo.

Welcome to the emperor's America.


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