Friday, January 9

Emperor announces plan for Democrats to "give" everyone "free" community college! Yay, FREE !

Wanna see yet another example of the emperor (like all Democrats) promising "free shit" for voters in exchange for their vote?  Here's the headline at the leftist website "The Hill" today:

Obama pitches free community college plan

Anybody see anything blatantly, ridiculously wrong with this headline?  Oh, yeah:  When the government "gives" a group of citizens something, IT'S NOT FREE. 

Not even close.  What it really means is someone else has to pay for it.  And usually more than twice what it would cost if the government wasn't involved.

And yet these ignorant, evil sons of whores at the Hill dutifully fellated the emperor yet again by simply printing the press release verbatim:  It's FREE, FREE, FREE!!!   Whee!!!  Without pointing out something kids and college students and low-information voters don't know:  It's NOT free.

Here's more from The Hill's Democratic press release:
"A college degree is the surest ticket to the middle class,” Obama said.
Yeah, like they told you owning a home was the surest ticket to the middle class.  They've got the cause and effect ass-backward:  If you're a hard worker you can figure out how to go to college, and you do have an excellent chance of doing well in life.  But if someone simply *hands you a college "ticket" at no cost to you,* do ya think the recipient will actually work hard, study, get good grades and so on?  Maybe, but much less likely than someone who's busted their ass to be able to afford it themselves.

The details:
the federal government would pay three quarters of tuition. States would be required to chip in the remainder of the cost — an additional $20 billion over the next 10 years.
Does anyone believe that if a Democrat-controlled state wants to jump on this Democrat vote-getter but can't afford it, that Dems in congress [spit] won't push to have all taxpayers fund the whole deal?  Of course they will.  "It's only fair," right?

I mean, if "giving" every young person "free" college is a good idea, wouldn't that logic say all citizens nationwide should fund all students nationwide?  Why should we let a state's temporary lack of funds "punish" their students?  That just wouldn't be fair!  Why, that would be as bad as forcing people who want to stay in the U.S. to apply for an immigration slot, or a visa or something.  AWful!

The Hill again:
Even if the program has long-shot odds of being passed into law, the announcement has some utility for the White House.
Damn, ya think??  Like, the votes of all low-income young people?   After all, "It's FREE!!!!!"
White House officials have also noted that the proposal has generated substantial attention online since being unveiled Thursday.  “There’s intensive interest in this since we announced it last night, which I’m gratified by,” Schultz said, noting that a Facebook video announcing the initiative posted Thursday night was the most successful video post to the social network in White House history. More than 6 million people had viewed the video as of Friday afternoon.
No shit.  Because, remember...."It's FREE!!!!!"

Country is dead, dead, dead.  Because of bullshit like this, times a million.

Well-meaning RINOs say shit like "Oh c'mon, everyone knows that our wunnerful president doesn't really mean "free"-free.  Everyone knows he really means taxpayer funded."

Bull shit.  Low-info voters do NOT know that.  And if you tried to prove to 'em that *someone* has to pay for "free" gummint shit, they'd NEVER believe you.  If they aren't literally Too Fucking Dumb, they've been so brainwashed that they would see it no matter how slowly you explained it.

But Obama knows it ain't free.  And the sons of whores at The Hill sure as hell know it ain't free.  But not only are they perfectly happy to re-print the emperor's vote-grabbing press release, I suspect they actually laugh at the "rubes" as they're doing it.

Ah well.  Not my problem anymore.  I don't have kids, and you don't have...oh, wait, do you have kids?  Oh.  Well, not to worry--in two years the Democrats will have changed the U.S. to a system of "fiat currency" and then deficits won't matter.

Yay!  "Free!!"


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