Saturday, May 31

Just Another Isolated Incident, part 365,184

In Pakistan a few days ago more than 20 members of a woman’s family stoned her to death outside the local courthouse for “dishonoring her family."  The cause of this dishonor was that she chose to marry someone she loved rather than a husband selected for her by her family.

CNN ran a piece about this on its website, but somehow managed to avoid mentioning "Muslim" or "Islam."  (For those under 30, Pakistan is a nation that enforces Sharia law--it's a Muslim state.)

CNN joins all leftist U.S. media in wanting to portray this as "Another Totally Isolated Incident," having no connection with any people or any religion on earth or anywhere else.  It Just Happened, see?  And you can't blame Pakistan either, because this kind of thing now happens in virtually *every* country.  So it's not just Paks.  Or anyone else.  It's just Mystery People Of No Affiliation.

Nothing to see here, comrade.  Move along.  And don't think about this horrific crime.  Cuz, world peace 'n tolerance for all, eh?


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