Sunday, December 29

Muslims kill another immunization team member in Pakistan

Very few children in Pakistan are immunized against any disease.  Polio, in particular, seems to be making a comeback there.  So naturally, western nations have donated money and vaccine to immunize Pakistani kids.

And in what must surely strike most rational people as a total outrage, Muslim fanatics in Pakistan have killed a number of members of the immunization teams--most recently just yesterday.  Cuz they claim it's all a huge plot by the West.  As a cover for spying.

But by all means, keep telling yourselves that the killers weren't Muslim.  Keep repeating the left/liberal talking-point that "all religions are equal."

Or if you're really clever, go with "There are crazy people all over the world, of every religion."  That's really hard to argue with--until you look at Iran, where it's state policy to stone adulterous women.  If you want to attribute that to crazies, it means the whole state is crazy--a charge I wouldn't dispute.

Note to western liberals: Stop trying to save them.  It just annoys them and gets innocent people killed.  Let them reap the harvest of their hate, barbarism and ignorance.

That is all.

Original NY Times story here.


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