Sunday, December 29

How can we reduce unemployment? "Create more jobs?" Media doesn't seem to want to discuss that

Like almost all the large internet-based firms, AOL has always been a firm supporter of Democrats and Duh Won.  So it's no surprise that when they ran an article titled "Can anything help the long-term unemployed,"  the first mention of "creating more jobs" was in the very last paragraph of the piece.

You'd think that if unemployment was a problem, "creating more jobs" would be the top suggestion, and that the major media outlets would be churning out dozens of articles on how to encourage job creation.  Oh, the media do mention job creation from time to time, but the main focus seems to be on how many jobs the government has created.  Cuz, see, government jobs are *good* jobs, while the media seems to regard jobs in the private sector (other than management) as simply ways to ruthlessly exploit underpaid workers.

Yeah, seriously.

I really do feel for people who were fired from a job where they were productive and worked hard.  Certainly being fired because of downsizing, acquisition or business contraction was something they couldn't control.  But I find it interesting that instead of pushing the only viable long-term solution--creating more jobs--"journalists" have avoided that like the plague.

And I think I've figured out why:  Because looking at how to create jobs would require finding answers to questions like "Who creates jobs?  Why do they do that?  What would make people or companies want to hire more employees?" 

Once answers to those questions were found, presumably rational politicians would advocate conditions that would favor job creation.

The problem, I think, is that virtually every policy advocated by Democrats/liberals/"progressives" tends to *suppress* private-sector job creation.  I don't know whether this is intentional or accidental, but either way I don't think the media wants to discuss it.


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