Tuesday, December 31

Expedition to confirm global warming gets stuck in Antarctic ice--and it's summer down there!

Did you hear about a Russian research vessel that got stuck in the ice off Antarctica several days ago?  The Lying Media tells us it was on a "research expedition" when it got stuck.

Normal journalistic practice might have included some mention of what *kind* of research the ship was doing on this "research mission," but for some reason no one in the MSM seemed to think this was worth mentioning.

In fact, most stories implied it was really just a bunch of tourists: Reuters says the vessel was "on a private expedition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of an Antarctic journey."  The Associated Press agrees, saying the voyage "had been recreating Australian explorer Douglas Mawson's century-old voyage to Antarctica."

The BBC--which by an amazing coincidence actually has a reporter aboard the ship--gets a tiny bit closer to the real reason, saying "the scientists have continued their experiments, measuring temperature and salinity through cracks in the surrounding ice."

What's that?  "Measuring temperature"?  Hmm....

A site called "Expeditions Online" reveals that this wasn't just a bunch of tourists but was indeed a long-planned expedition named "Spirit of Mawson."  In fact, the expedition has its own website.  (Pretty sure "journalists" could have found this if they'd tried.)  And here's what that site says:
Antarctica and the Southern Ocean remain a unique place to monitor the health of our planet. The Australasian Antarctic Expedition will meld science and adventure, repeating century old measurements to discover and communicate the changes taking place in this remote and pristine environment.
Hmm..."measurements to discover and communicate changes," you say?  Wow, what a great headline that would have made, eh?  "Voyage seeking to confirm global warming gets stuck in sea ice."

Ah, well, now it's all clear:  Can't have that--can't print or broadcast anything that ridicules The Narrative.

[Update:  "Can't have that"--poking fun at the warmenists because a bunch of global warming climate change pushers got caught in summer ice in Antarctica--is right:  Out of 41 storied broadcast on network and cable news, only one mentioned the reason for the expedition, and the bent of the scientific crew.  The others referred to the humans aboard simply as "passengers" or tourists.  Almost a total media blackout of the facts.  Typical.]

One more item from the expedition's website:  The expedition's organizer and leader is a professor (Chris Turney), who has “set up a carbon refining company called Carbonscape which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels.”

So if the voyage had found any evidence whatsoever that could be interpreted as showing global warming, the expedition's organizer and leader would have been positioned to reap a significant financial benefit.

Gosh, wonder what the odds are that the expedition's findings would have been...you know, objective?

Wait, I'm sorry:  I can't imagine any "scientist" distorting research to win money--whether corporate or shaking the research-grant money tree.  Unthinkable!

(H/T:  Watts Up With That, an excellent source of *real* info on climate.) 


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