Sunday, May 26

One more argument in favor of gun bans. Wait...

Liberals/Democrats/"progressives" keep pushing the idea that gun crime would vanish if only we would ban gun ownership by private citizens.

For example, the nation once known as Great Britain has had a ban on private handgun ownership for years now.  Hell, they've even banned carrying a) any knife with a blade more than 3.5 inches long; and b) all knives with fixed or locking blades.

Now:  Do you recall the story about the British man killed in the middle of the afternoon by two men shouting Muslim slogans?  The two killers who waited around for 20 minutes demanding that onlookers take videos of them standing over their victim?  (If you're not plugged into Net news sources you may not have heard about this particularly gruesome murder.)

Well guess what, cupcake: The two killers had a gun.  Oh, and also an 8-inch fixed knife and a meat cleaver.

But never-you-mind, sweetie.  If we'll just pass those laws banning gun possession--and knife possession, and baseball bats, and box cutters, and...and...and..., then all violent crime here will vanish. 

Cuz, y'know, vicious murderers here in the U.S. are more law-abiding than those in the U.K.  


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