Wednesday, May 22

British guy attacked by Muslims on London street at 2 pm.

Two men shouting Muslim slogans used a car to deliberately run down a British man in a London street in the middle of the afternoon.  They then got out of the car and proceeded to hack him to death with a knife and meat cleaver.

After killing the guy the killers didn't flee but stood around arguing with bystanders for a full 20 minutes until police arrived.

You read about this, right?  It just happened today (5/22) so it surely led the nightly news on...well, surely it was the lede story on at least ONE of the alphabet networks, right?

No?  Well damn, color me so totally unsurprised.  After all, Muslims killing kaffirs is so common as to not be even remotely newsworthy anymore, eh?


Do you suppose it's just barely possible that their decision to kill the victim had anything to do with their "religion"?  Well consider what the killers said to bystanders.  (Click on the link.)

And if you don't think this exact same thing is coming here you're too stupid to live.

Hell, a variation already has happened here:  Remember the Fort Hood massacre?  Muslim fanatic gunned down--how many?  32 or so?  And since then Barry's government has been so scared about the political bullshit that the military hasn't even been allowed to make the goat-fucking son of a bitch follow military regulations and cut his fucking beard.  (The killer is still in the military.)

I'm sorry, but here's where rational people should draw a big bright line:  Wrap the son of a bitch in a pigskin, shoot him low in the gut and let him take half an hour to die in the Texas sun.  Then let the carcass rot for a month or so.  Then use a front-loader to scoop up the remains, plus a ton or so of dirt.  Then shove the whole shootin' match out the back end of a C-130 200 miles offshore.  (Auction off the front-loader, with the proceeds going to Wounded Warriors or similar.)

Then publish the following in every publication, world-wide, that wants to take the money:
Combat is one thing.  As soldiers we respect those who take up arms on the battlefield.  We do not respect those who deliberately murder unarmed people--and you see the result.  This will happen to the next Muslim coward we find, and the next.  On the battlefield you can win or lose with respect.  But take the fight to unarmed people and you'll get exactly you just saw.
Of course this won't happen as long as dickless wonders are running the United States.  So you'll keep getting this same murderous terrorism, over and over.

Ah, I hear some liberals whining "If we would just [insert some action], they'd stop hating us, and stop killing us."

Sigh.  Yes, certainly, that must be right.  Just like the 19 poor Muslim hijackers were driven to commit suicide on 9/11 because Booosh had invaded Iraq, right?

Too stupid to live.


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