Saturday, January 26

Hillary's testimony on Benghazi

Can't decide whether America's self-proclaimed elite opinion-makers get funnier every day, or dumber.

Case in point:  Hillary's long-awaited testimony before the senate about the attack on the U.S. "diplomatic annex" in Benghazi.

As some of you hopefully recall, Hillary said at the time that this, um...incident arose from a spontaneous protest over a video some odd fellow from Cali had posted on the internet.  But the folks under attack said there was *no* "spontaneous protest" at all--nor had they ever reported that there was.

In other words, the "spontaneous protest" story was utter bullshit.  Had nothing to do with any video.  Zip.

So what led Madame Clinton to blame the attack on the video?  She refused to say.

Second: In the wake of that, um...incident...Hilly claimed that four State Department employees had been fired--fired, I tells ya!--for not doing their jobs...or something.  (No actual reason was ever specified.) Then determined bloggers discovered that the four allegedly-fired employees were actually still with the State Department, and had merely been transferred.

Say oops.

If Hillary had been a Republican that would have made headline news for a week.  But being a member of the MSM's favored party, she essentially got a pass.

Of course "everyone knows" that it's really reeeally hard to fire civil-service employees, so she was able to skate on this.  But I'm calling bullshit.  While some department head down the organizational chart would be justifiably scared to try firing some incompetent due to the threat of lawsuits and union bullshit, the person at the top of the chart--in this case Secretary of State Hillary Bullshit Clinton--has no such problem.

It should be obvious that the reason the low-level employees were merely transferred instead of being fired is because they didn't do anything they weren't told to do.  The claimed firings (later shown to be simply transfers) were announced to make it appear that Hilly and Obozo had "done something" to fix the alleged screw-ups that led to the deaths of four Americans--including two former SEALs who grabbed weapons and rushed a mile to the annex to save the trapped staff.

But of course the mainstream media has no desire to print this, or bring it to the attention of the public, since that would cut against their beloved Democratic icons.

And to complete the trifecta:  did you see how the Democrat senators completely fawned over Hillary?  From their glowing praise you'd think that she was the greatest sec-state ever.

With every day and every new perfidy I'm increasingly glad I don't have kids.  I shudder to think what this country will have sunk to within the lifetime of kids living today.

Oh, and remember:  "It's all Bush's fault!  President Dear Leader simply inherited this mess!"


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