Sunday, August 5

Cars with Romney stickers being vandalized?

Someone commented on another blog that they were afraid to put a Romney sticker on their car.

Seems they lived in a "blue" city and they'd heard that other folks who had Romney stickers had had their car vandalized--typically keyed or tires slashed.

This triggered an avalanche of comments from people who had actually had this happen to them--and the range of offenses is both chilling and infuriating.

It occurs to me that precisely these acts define the Left better than anything else I know: Leftist sees a sign or bumper sticker he doesn't like, so he vandalizes the property it's affixed to. Sort of like leftist thug governments destroying the offices or presses of newspapers that criticize them.

Has anybody seen any reports of Tea Party folks destroying the property of socialists, Democrats or "progressives," either because said property bears an inflammatory bumper sticker or for any other reason?


I suggest that difference alone tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the two movements and philosophies.


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