Sunday, July 1

Why repeal it when you can just...

Commenters at Ace's were musing about how awesome it would be if, if Romney wins in November, the GOP congress already had a bill waiting on his desk to repeal Obozocare. Then Mitt signs it about ten minutes after being sworn in.

A few other commenters didn't get the humor, and started mentioning procedural problems with trying to get a full repeal signed that quickly. Whereupon another commenter wrote,
Why not just have the new Secretary of the Treasury order the IRS not to enforce Obamacare? After all, the Democrats could scarcely object since the precedent for the legality of such a move has recently been set by their preezy.
Love it. Another commenter noted that it would have been impossible to pass Obozocare if congresswhores had realized the "individual mandate" would be considered a tax, but that this opened an avenue to enable repeal, since now it *was* known, so...

Whereupon another commenter noted that for the roughly 45 percent of the electorate that doesn't currently pay any federal income tax, this isn't a deterrent. They simply don't believe *they* would ever end up paying the alleged tax.

And they're probably right.


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