Saturday, May 26

Islamic poobahs ban soccer in Mali

You probably already knew that Islamic fanatics forbid dancing, secular music, women with uncovered faces or hair, women leaving the house without a male relative, women driving, alcohol and the like. But you probably haven't seen that they want to ban *soccer* too.

And not just playing it, but even *watching* it on television.

Fun guys, eh?

Malian Islamists ban football

Islamic forces controlling north of Mali announced on Wednesday the beginning of Sharia [law] in the region and asked [sic] all citizens to strictly and publicly observe the law, which [bans] football.

Football pitches are now out of bounds and offenders will be severely dealt with, the warlords said.

Moreover, according to the warlords, people won't be allowed to watch football on television either, because that is also forbidden by Islamic law.

Besides football, chatting with somebody of the opposite sex is also considered a crime. Women have been asked to only step outside their homes with faces and legs completely covered while the men must keep their beards.

Mali was plunged into crisis in April after the separatist National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) split the country into north and south.


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