Wednesday, May 16

Is The Stupid Party finally getting serious?

If you're a liberal you probably don't know who Brian Terry was. He was an agent with whatever they call the Border Patrol now, and was shot and killed by one of a group of men who'd come into the U.S. illegally, by crossing the border with Mexico.

Agent Terry was killed by a gun sold by a U.S. dealer to a known "straw buyer," under a totally insane program created by Holder's Department of Injustice, named "Fast and Furious."

Under FF, Holder's minions ordered licensed U.S. gun dealers in Arizona to sell guns to people the dealers strongly suspected were simply re-selling the guns to Mexicans, in violation of U.S. law.

Outraged Republican reps asked Holder to furnish information to them about this program. Holder denied knowledge, but this was later shown to be a lie. Holder has subsequently refused to furnish information to Congress.

Now Republican reps have applied a kind of minor hand-slap: They've introduced a bill to name Agent Terry's border patrol station after him.

It passed both chambers of congress--including the Dem-controlled senate--unanimously.

Hey, Democrat congresswhores may be stupid but they're sure not crazy.

The bill now goes to Obozo, who by law has only two choices: sign it into law, or veto. Betting is that he'll be forced to sign it, to avoid putting congressional Democrats in the position of having to vote to override a veto.

The main speculation now is whether Team Obama will bar members of the press from the traditional signing ceremony--and how they'll spin their ruling.

Oh, and Rep. Darrell Issa says the House will "absolutely" cite Holder for contempt of congress before the November election.

Interesting. Could the party affectionately known (even by its own members) as The Stupid Party be rolling up its sleeves and starting to play serious ball?

(Thanks to NiceDeb for a good summary.)


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