Tuesday, January 10

Are *all* Democrats leftist socialists? Maybe not...

In reviewing recent posts it occurs to me that I may have been too broad in lambasting "Democrats" as favoring unlimited government and as enemies of freedom, free markets and individual achievement.

I based these conclusions on two things: The known, provable statements of Dem pols; and the adoring comments of Dem/"progressive" bloggers.

It occurs to me that it's at least theoretically possible that there may be a few thousand folks out there who are nominally Democrats but don't agree with the Dem leadership or the idiotic, goofy lefty bloggers. Haven't met any such critters yet but I'm happy to concede the possibility that they may exist.

If so, there may actually be small pieces of common ground between us. I think we can agree that the government shouldn't bail out Wall Street firms--in any way, shape or form; nor banks or bank-like companies. Let the sumbitches fail, let stockholders and depositors over the FDIC insured limits lose the excess, and it'll keep everyone on their toes from then on.

If you believe there's far too much federal welfare--including the legislative and financial abomination known as ObamaCare--and that people should be willing to work for a living, then we have some common ground.

If you believe the EPA is a rogue agency, being used to destroy jobs and businesses under the guise of "protection", and to deprive individuals of the use of their own land on spurious grounds that once every decade it gets wet and is therefore a "protected wetland", we have common ground.

If you believe no level of government should ever give money or loan guarantees to a private company--no matter how large, how unionized or how well connected to the preznit (re: half a Billion taxpayer bucks given to Solyndra, even as it was going bankrupt) --then we have common ground.

If you believe an employer has the right to require those applying for a job to have a highschool diploma--or a masters or PhD if they wish!--without getting sued by the federal government, we have some common ground.

If you believe the "Occupy" movement is mostly composed of spoiled rich kids and drug users looking for more government giveaways (paid for by hard-working taxpayers), we have common ground.

If you believe every person has the right to armed self-defense, and that no government agency has the right to take away that right, then we have common ground.

If you believe no government pension should be more than the average for private-sector employees, we have common ground.

If you believe people shouldn't be allowed to buy "junk food"--cokes, beer, twinkies and such--with food stamps (now euphemized as "EBT"--electronic benefit transfer cards), we have common ground.

During Obama's three years in office, unemployment has risen roughly 50 percent, but the cost of the government's food stamp program has *doubled*. If you think that statistic suggests that there's a hell of a lot of fraud and waste in the food stamp program, and it should be eliminated, we have common ground.

While there's always been waste in military procurement and weapons systems, if you believe cutting back on the number of trained, combat-ready troops and pilots is an invitation to be attacked, we have common ground.

If you've noticed that the federal government is deliberately allowing unrestricted illegal immigration, and that it has even filed suit against states that have enacted policies designed to uphold current federal immigration law, and you believe this will absolutely have utterly devastating consequences on our nation--as we're already seeing in California and Arizona--we have common ground.

I could go on but you get the point. If you're one of my few readers--maybe friends of Cal and Megan?--feel free to add any other suggestions of possible common ground between conservative Repubs and Dems.


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