Wednesday, January 4

King Barack violates Constitution--again. MSM cheers.

Need a prime example of Dem double-standards? Go here. It's an AP story about Obama's intent to use a "recess appointment" to install Richard Cordray as head of the newly-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

For those of you under about 30, a recess appointment is a legitimate procedure that allows a prez to appoint an agency head--someone who would normally have to face confirmation by the senate--while congress isn't in session. The Founders created this power to keep the central government working normally if a cabinet-level vacancy came up while congress wasn't in session.

Virtually all presidents have made recess appointments. But when George W. Bush was prez, Democrats wanted to prevent Bush from making any more recess appointments, so they came up with a clever scheme: They would call the senate into "pro-forma" session every three days. No business was done--indeed, virtually no one was even present--but by technically never being out of session for more than three days in a row, it did what the Dems intended.

Of course King Barack has no intention of respecting such procedural moves, even when devised by members of his own party, and has announced that he doesn't consider himself bound by this precedent.

And hypocritically (but not surprisingly), asshole Dimicrat senate majority leader Harry Reid--who called the senate into such pro-forma sessions when Bush was prez-- today issued a statement saying he supported Obozo's decision to tell the senate to go fuck itself.

I may have mangled a couple of words near the end of Reid's statement, but the gist is clear.

Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy. Democrats. Democrats. Democrats. Hopefully when you stupid, hypocritical assholes are starving and freezing in the dark--after Obozo has hiked the price of electrical power by killing coal plants, and food is ten times more expensive due to massive inflation by your boy's massive deficits, you'll realize how cheaply you sold out your country.

UPDATE: Just so you know, the Democrat establishment universally applauded this move. Click here to see a summary of the reactions. And Nancy Pelosi praised the move as "bold" and said Democrats are glad Obama "took the lead."

"Constitution? We don't need no steenkin' Constitution! Cuz' we're Democrats."


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