Wednesday, January 4

Lib solution for lawbreaking: Re-name the act so it doesn't!

The "Occupy DC" movement has been doing their camping thing at two locations in D.C. One of those is McPherson Square. It's run by the U.S. Park Service, and overnight camping is prohibited.

At least officially prohibited.

If you're a Dem supporter, you can get around that by simply perverting the language.

Thus the Park Service has deemed the continuous (as in, overnight, for dozens of weeks) occupation merely a "24-hour vigil."

Isn't that precious? If you're a liberal, and something you like violates some law, just rename whatever is causing the conflict, so that it no longer violates the law or reg.

For example, vote fraud would be renamed as "creative expression in ballot arrangement."

Illegal immigration would be renamed "equal opportunity access."

Islamic mobs murdering Christians in numerous African hellholes would be renamed as "protected expressions of religious beliefs."

Hey, this is easy!

King Obozo sayeth: Words mean exactly what I want them to mean--no more and no less.


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