Tuesday, June 28

Fed judge blocks yet another state illegal-immigration law

Faced with massive, consistent refusal by the people running the federal government to enforce valid U.S. immigration laws (i.e. to enforce border security and to apprehend, jail and deport illegals), several state legislatures have passed state laws directing their police and agencies to enforce existing federal law.

In each case the ACLU and immigrant groups have sued to block the duly-passed laws from being enforced.

And just as the feds refuse to enforce federal law, federal judges consistently grant injunctions as sought by the ACLU and other plaintiffs.

The latest round is in Georgia, where judge Thomas Thrash issued a 45-page ruling granting the injunction. The rationales and explanations he uses to support that ruling inadvertently reveal how far beyond reason liberals have gone in trying to open our borders to everyone who wants to enter--even illegally.

You need to read his words to see how awful the reasoning is. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes from the decision:

"[Giving local police departments discretion on whom to question] poses a serious risk that HB87 will result in inconsistent civil immigration policies not only between federal and state governments, but among law enforcement jurisdictions within Georgia.

Oh no, NOT inconsistent policies! Would that be anything like, say, enforcement at the federal level being inconsistent with existing federal LAW??
"That risk is compounded by the threat of other states creating their own immigration laws.”
But those hypothetical future laws might well pass all legal tests. Obviously Thrash can't know because they don't yet exist. A sound decision would leave the constutionality of future laws to a time when they'd actually been passed, and had been alleged to be unconstitutional. But Thrash clearly wants to head off any such attempts by other states--and if his reasoning is allowed to stand, that will work.
Thrash added that some provisions of the law will “convert many routine encounters with law enforcement into lengthy and intrusive immigration status investigations” and burden federal authorities who are ultimately responsible for doing the immigration status checks.
Again, heaven forbid that getting stopped for a traffic violation could involve illegal immigrants in a "lengthy and intrusive immigration investigation"! We wouldn't want to inconvenience lawbreakers, eh? Nor would we want to "burden" federal authorities who are charged by federal law with doing immigration status checks. They're much happier sitting around drinking coffee.
Thrash also raised concerns about how the law would affect foreign relations. He noted that Mexico and several other nations have filed court papers in support of the ACLU’s lawsuit.
Well we *certainly* wouldn't want to pass any laws that might irritate the government of Mexico or any other foreign nation, would we? I mean, if we did that they might encourage their poor to head for the U.S. Oh, wait--they've already done that.
“These international relations concerns underscore the conflict between HB87 and federal immigration law,” Thrash wrote.
The Georgia law mirrors federal law. The only conflict is the state intends to actually enforce theirs.
“The conflict is not a purely speculative and indirect impact on immigration. It is direct and immediate.”
Yes, the law is designed to have an impact on *illegal* immigration. That's the whole point! Also, note how Thrash omits the word "illegal," and thus implies an impact on *all* immigration. Bullshit--any immigrant here legally provides the usual proof and everything's jake.
Thrash called the belief by some that the federal government is doing nothing about illegal immigration a “belief in a myth.” He cited statistics showing the federal government deports hundreds of illegal immigrants daily.
Well there ya go, then. Any problem is now solved, citizen, because we deport "hundreds" daily. Sure glad to know there's no longer any problem with illegals here. And of course that's sarcasm--if a token effort solved problems, Qadaffi would have left months ago.


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