Monday, June 27

Obama Executive Order?

One occasionally reads items on the Net that seem too outrageous to be true.

One such item is a report that Obama has drafted an Executive Order to force any company bidding for a federal contract to disclose any political contributions the company has made in the previous two years.

On its face that may sound innocuous, since disclosure of campaign contributions is now pretty standard. But the twist is, disclosure has always been to a critter called the Federal Election Commission. Obama's order would require the disclosure be made to the specific federal official responsible for awarding the contract being sought.

It's hard to imagine a more chilling order, because contracting officials would presumably feel some pressure to consider whether a bidder had contributed to the "right" party when evaluating competing bids.

But of course, this is just bidness as usual in Chicago.

Oh, and for those liberals who think this is just a fabrication by Fox news: Here's the link. Still think its a fake?


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