Sunday, June 26

How to get more people to steal cars

Brief news item: California cities lead the nation in the rate of auto thefts, with 8 of the ten highest rates in the U.S.

So how high is "high"? Well, the small-ish town of State College, PA had the nation's lowest rate, at 30 car thefts per 100,000 people.

By comparison, in a crime cesspool like Dallas over ten times as many cars are stolen, at 345 per 100,000.

But this is nothing compared to Fresno, CA, with a rate of 812, or more than twice the theft rate in Dallas.

Let's see what we might deduce from Fresno's experience: Ah--Police Chief Jerry Dyer says people arrested for auto theft are often released the same day they're booked into jail. “It is not uncommon for us to arrest the same person for auto theft multiple times in one week.”

Hmmm. If you were a car thief, and you knew you'd be released as soon as you were arrested, do ya think that might just possibly have some effect on your inclination to run right out and try again?

With a law "enforcement" system like that, I feel sorry for the law-abiding citizens of Fresno.


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