Monday, January 10

Leftists commit REAL assaults, blame the Right

In the wake of the Arizona shooting by a deranged 22-year-old, the Left--and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the U.S. "mainstream media"--instantly blamed Sarah Palin and conservatives in general. The rap was that Palin had implicitly threatened a number of congresscritters by posting a webpage with gun-sight cross-hairs on their districts.

See, to Leftists, using crosshairs in an ad--even when there's nothing IN the crosshairs--is violence.

Of course when *real* violence and/or real hate speech is done by Leftists, the MFM sees nothing amiss and reports nothing.

Michell Malkin finally got sick of that consistent bias, and posted a LONG list--complete with video--of leftists doing actual violence to conservatives and their property.

Warning: Do NOT click on the above link if you have high blood pressure. Seriously, watching this much hate--by people who claim to be fellow Americans-- in a short time period can seriously mess up your day.


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