Tuesday, December 14

Why do pols support huge immigration when 70%+ of voters oppose?

Ever wondered why it is that even though something like 70 or 80 percent of the American public think we need to end illegal immigration now, with no amnesty, both congress and the pResident seem firmly committed to keep the borders open?

Does that strike you as kind of...odd?

If it does, you might want to consider how the European Union is handling their wave of Muslim immigration from North Africa. In France, Muslim violence is so prevalent that there are big chunks of Paris and other major cities where police, firemen and government officials know they simply can't go without triggering a riot. For the past four summers gangs of Muslim males have roamed French cities setting cars on fire--typically hundreds per night. It's a practice so common it hardly raises eyebrows anymore.

So you'd think the French would have slammed the door on immigrants from North Africa, wouldn't you?

Not at all--the elite in France and other EU countries are just like ours here, supporting unlimited immigration, whether legal or illegal.

Oh, they won't actually say they support illegal immigration, but when they firmly, loudly, screechily oppose any and every effort to beef up border security, deport illegals or reduce the volume of free services provided to illegals by states, it's hard to miss their true intent.

Of course you can understand that Dems support illegals because they're the next huge Dem voting block. And the Left claims the Republican party secretly supports the same because businessmen want the shot at paying the lower wages illegals will accept. (But then liberals turn right around and sue to prevent states like Arizona from enforcing laws to fine businesses that knowingly hire illegals. Go figure.)

I don't doubt both factors are true, even if the extent is unknown. But I suspect the real driver is the same as in Europe: the elites believe nations and borders are outdated concepts, and that the Cool view is to encourage anything that will trash both concepts.

This view is displayed openly in the European Parliament, but can also be seen here, though not yet as openly. A typical view is this statement from Belgian career politician Herman van Rompuy, first president of the European Council: "There is no place for the nation-state in the 21st Century." (Lots of documentation here.)

No one knows for certain why the elites are pushing immigration/open borders so hard. It's hard to believe it could be something so mundane as wanting to be able to hire a gardener or nanny at bargain wages, but certainly the goal of destruction of the nation-state seems at least reasonably likely.

Such a goal would be furthered by conditioning a nation's youth to revile it for past acts, whether real or pure propaganda. Another tool would be to push the notion that "all cultures are equal." And of course if all things are equal then no value, moral code or standard of behavior is better than any other.

This of course would seem to be utter nonsense: Does anyone seriously consider that a barbaric culture that prizes cruelty and enslaves others is the equal of an educated, moral, refined populace that understands and prizes freedom, discovery and creativity? But in elite ivy universities the notion of total equivalence is apparently pushed with a straight face.

A final tool would be to teach the youth that humanity itself is a virus, a cancer; a malevolent life form that preys on other species. A life form whose mere exhaled breaths are fatally heating the planet and causing the extinction of other species.

It's no surprise that young people steeped in this worldview would find the notion of having children repugnant. And indeed, this is what we're seeing today among the elites in prosperous nations.

But don't worry--when the great people who made this nation are all dead, another culture will already be firmly established here, ready to take over.

And their culture will be absolutely equal to ours. By definition.

Oh, and they won't believe any of that crap about humanity being a cancer.


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