Wednesday, December 1

Unemployment rises--MSNBC doesn't notice.

When a Republican is president, if the unemployment rate were to rise two-tenths of a percent it'd be the lead story in news broadcasts for days.

So how does the media react to the same event when Duh Won is at the helm? Well if you're one of the main Dem mouthpieces--MSNBC--it's barely worth mentioning.

Searching their website for "unemployment rate" the day after the information was released produced several hits, but in each case the stories were about something else entirely (example: "Senate bid to renew 'middle class' tax cuts fails") with the unemployment figures as an incidental item ten or fifteen grafs down the page.

And here's an example how MSNBC presented the woeful news:
The debate is taking place a day after the Labor Department reported that the unemployment rate nudged closer to double digits again — 9.8 percent, after three straight months at 9.6 percent — a reminder that the economy is still recovering only fitfully.
Did ya get that? MSNBC wants you to believe that unemployment rising two tenths of a percent isn't really bad news at all, but merely "a reminder that the economy is still recovering..."!

To most rational people a two-tenths rise in unemployment would be an indicator that recovery isn't happening. But to committed leftists, when one of their own is pResident, it's no problem at all.

Remamber how the MSM lambasted Bush--seemingly endlessly--for what they derided as a "jobless recovery"? But now, of course, Things Are Different.

Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
War is peace.

Hey MSNBC: George Orwell was actually writing about you.


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