Friday, December 17

Copper thieves burn city's Christmas tree

The city of Birmingham, Alabama, had a 35-foot lighted Christmas tree. The local paper reports that a couple of nights ago some folks stripped the lights off the tree for the copper wiring.

They used gasoline to dissolve the plastic insulation, someone was smoking, and the 35-foot Christmas tree burned up.

But this isn't a story about inept thieves trying to earn their place in the annual Darwin award. Instead, go to the Birmingham News website and read the comments. More than a few locals are actually blaming this on...the rich?!! And on Christmas itself.

No kidding. Here's one:
It was cold last night. These poor people were probably freezeing and hungry. You know theres no jobs. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I hope they made enough money off of the copper to get a good meal. As for the stealing, I dont think i want my money that i payed in taxes, back when i had a job, going to the paganism of AMERICAN christmas, which means i have been stolen from to pay for paganism. Im glad they burned it down. I dont support these satinic rituals that America says is the American way. Its satanic. When u celebrate the birth of Jesus, why dont you give Jesus a gift, or even a prayer...... Na we lie to kids about the santa and tell them if there bad Santa (I.E. Satan) will put ashes and switches in your stockings. Jesus Never Ever said anything like that to our children. You have turned santa into Satans Invisable Demon doing his deeds on earth and tormenting the children. God doesnt care about your economy and God doesnt care about your Christmas sells or how much money was made during his sons birthday on earth. Christmas in America is celebrated as the day of lies.
The real story here is the *comments,* and what they say about the attitude of what is presumably a fair number of local residents: Any theft or destruction by poor people isn't their fault, but is Someone Else's Fault--rich people, business owners, George Bush, whoever.



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