Tuesday, September 14

Dialog? Do we have a shared basis for one?

Belmont Club has been considering all the calls by Lefties and a few American Muslims (Rauf) for "dialog" about the Ground-Zero mosque. Whereupon a commenter noted,

To have a discourse there has to be some shared notion of reality, rationality, cause and effect, logic. Lacking some common parameters for the understanding of the universe there can be no discourse. Unless it is considered “discourse” to babble along with the mad in a madhouse.


The Muslim world believes that freedom and democracy are evil.

How do you have a dialog from that starting point?

It's as if one side said, "Life is evil, and we hate it, and we all can't wait to die and get our 72 virgins." How the hell do you dialog with that?

Maybe I'm just a cynic, but I don't see how it's possible. Nor do I see how any rational being could possibly believe you could have a rational dialog with such a mindset.


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