Saturday, September 11

9/11 anniversary, part 2

If you're over 27 or so, you're old enough to have a reasonably cogent recollection of the attacks of 9/11. And if so I have a question for you:

Do you know of a single head-of-state of a Muslim nation who offered condolences to Americans after the murder of 3,000 or so?

I don't either.

Instead, we have video of Muslims in Gaza, Jordan and Egypt (and undoubtedly Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia and others) celebrating in the streets, cheering and passing out candy.

Believe it or not, I'm not angry at those who celebrated...because they were simply reacting as they had been taught. As far as they knew, they were reacting in exactly the "right" way.

I mention the reaction not to condemn the ignorant masses, but to show that not a single leader of a Muslim country had the stones to buck the "party line" spouted by the imams.

Perhaps the heads of Muslim states were (and are) as mindless as their people--a possibility I do not discount at all. Or perhaps they were (and are) simply afraid to buck the teachings of the militant imams.

Makes no difference either way: It shows you what we're up against here in WW3.


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