Tuesday, September 7

Who creates jobs? And why aren't they obeying orders!

With unemployment officially at 9.6 percent, millions of Americans are looking for jobs. And even more--who were laid off from their "real" job--have taken lower-paying jobs to keep food on the table.

As the party firmly in control of both houses of congress and the presidency, the Democrats have been wringing their hands over this state of affairs. They claim to be mystified by why so many companies laid off employees, and aren't hiring more than a trickle of new ones.

What they just can't quite seem to understand is this:

Most jobs don't come from Government (at least not yet, thank God), and those that do result in a net loss of tax revenue.

The only jobs that result in a net increase of tax revenue are those created by the "private sector"--i.e. da eeeevil businessmens.

Almost everyone in a developed country works for someone else. A small percentage are self-employed, and an even smaller percentage can afford to hire employees. So basically, job creation hinges on the initiative, creativity and willingness to take risks of a very small number of people.

So let's see now...what have Dems done that might encourage--or discourage--this tiny handful of potential job creators? Hmmm.... Well, they wanted to let the across-the-board Bush tax cuts expire. If I'm just barely breaking even and you raise my taxes, how can I afford to hire more people?

Obama and the Dems also hit business-people with a law that says you have to provide health insurance to every single employee or pay a substantial fine. Again, a new financial "tax" or burden that didn't exist before. No surprise that small businesses are uneasy.

Obama and the Dems essentially confiscated scores of GM and Chrysler dealerships when the government took control of GM and sold Chrysler shortly after Obama took office. (Most of the seized dealerships were owned by Republicans--what a coincidence!) This unconstitutional action leads rational people to conclude that the U.S. government is not a bit restrained by the Constitution, and can seize your property at any time without filing suit. All that's needed is a cooperative congress.

So...bottom line: If you wonder why businesses aren't hiring many people, the unconstitutional policies of the Obama administration and a totally Democrat-controlled congress are most of the reason.


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