Thursday, August 19

Mosque developer: "We are *nowhere near* ground zero."

If I hadn't seen a vid of this one I wouldn't have believed it.

The developer of the "ground-zero mosque"--Sharif El-Gamal--is on video saying
We [the site of the proposed mosque] are nowhere near the World Trade Center site.
Um...Surely he didn't mean that. It's probably an artifact of trying to translate from one's native language into English while being interviewed--hard to do sometimes.

But dude..."nowhere near"?

Of course after the managing editor of the Associated Press sent out the style letter ordering all reporters to stop using the phrase "ground-zero mosque" perhaps you just figured you could get the stupid bastards to take it one more step, eh? Swallow one more piece of crap, as it were.

Next you're gonna be screamin' that the reason 9/11 happened was because Boosh invaded Iraq.

I realize the developer has an axe to grind, but seriously...don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.


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