Sunday, August 29

Kennedy Center pinheads try to ban prayer there

You really need to click on this link and hear the guy explain what happened. Short version:

Talk-radio host Glenn Beck rented the Kennedy Center for a motivational rally. According to Beck, a day or two before the event the Center's managers told Beck's team something to the effect of, "Oh by the way: no praying in our facility."

Beck checked the lengthy contract they signed to rent the place, and as you probably guessed, it didn't say a word about prayer being forbidden in performances there. So Beck told them in essence, "Sorry, I must have missed that paragraph. Would you please show me where that's written?"
Pinheads: "Oh, well, it's not written."

Beck: "Yeah, that's pretty much what we thought. In that case not only will we open with a prayer, we'll also close with one. And we may well have a whole bunch of prayers in between."

Pinheads: [Silence. Steam coming out of ears.] "Okay, how about a compromise?"

Beck: "You just heard what we're gonna do. End of discussion."

If Beck's account (which I've paraphrased above) is essentially true, this is an outrage. Did the Center's managers really try to prevent Beck from praying in his program? And if so, was one of the managers really so outrageously brazen as to claim that this was actually the Center's official policy?

If true, can anyone doubt that this kind of thing (Dem officials inventing non-existent 'policies' to weaken conservative rallies or organizing) goes on all the damn time? I mean, if they'll try something like that with a wealthy, popular guy like Beck, do you think they'd be even more likely to invent roadblocks to screw with ordinary folks like you and me?

Gee, if we only had some folks who got paid to, y'know, actually go interview the principals here and find out who said what. And then they could print their results. Wow, what a concept!

Too bad nobody does that.

Finally, I'm struck by the similarities between the Center's managers fabricating a "policy" of no prayer, and efforts by all manner of similar bureaucratic pinheads to categorize any speech they personally dislike as "hate speech." Because any such determination is obviously subjective, the bureaucrat can draw the totally imaginary line virtually anywhere.

For example, special courts in Canada (yes, yes, I know) have "ruled" (!) that quoting certain Bible verses is "hate speech," for which the speaker can be sentenced to jail.

Beck stood up to the lying bastards and they backed down--probably because they belatedly realized the guy they were trying to bluff could afford to spend millions pursuing a lawsuit if they didn't. But on college campuses all manner of "ordinary people" are punished every week by administrators who have taken it on themselves to declare certain types of speech off-limits.

Remember in November.


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