Friday, August 27

Is the government trying to commit suicide?

Saw a phrase that seemed to capture the performance of the U.S. government and the nation's self-styled "elite" opinion-shapers better than any other: "Suicide by stupidity."


Example: Mexican drug gangs killing tens of thousands, mostly on the Mexican side of the border but also in the U.S. border towns. Obvious solution: Short sweeps into Mexico by U.S. mechanized forces, including air. Let 'em know that anyone carrying a weapon will be killed, and then do it.

Actual response by Obama and congressional Democrats: "The border is safer now than at any time in the last several decades."

Example: Gov't guaranteeing mortgage loans to people who otherwise wouldn't have qualified. Everyone feigns shock and surprise when huge numbers of these borrowers default. Obvious solution: Stop doing that, and prosecute the executives of F&F (all Dem appointees) who cooked the books to pocket huge bonuses.

Actual response by Obama and congressional Dems: No significant action.

Example: U.S. imports too much foreign oil. Obvious solution: Open up offshore drilling, and drilling in Alaska.

Actual response by Obama and congressional Dems: Declare a "moratorium" on new drilling in the Gulf (one of the most energy-rich areas). When that's overturned in court, simply instruct federal permitting agencies to delay issuing drilling permits on leases that only have a limited life before they're lost.

There are literally scores of similar examples.

Suicide by stupidity indeed.


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