Saturday, August 28

It's official: Obama team ending deportation of most illegals

Last Tuesday I wrote about a story in the Houston Chron that the Obama administration seemed to be dismissing all deportation cases if the defendant wasn't a felon.

When the Chronicle story ran, this conclusion was based on observations of several Houston immigration attorneys, who were stunned (and of course pleased) to find their clients' cases had been dismissed. But now a memo has surfaced making it official. From the NY times:
A shake-up in immigration policy may lead to deportation proceedings being dropped for thousands of aliens who entered the United States illegally...officials said on Friday. ...
The policy shift emerged from an internal memorandum ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton the agency's...director of enforcement and removal operations.

The memo was...confirmed to Reuters by officials.

Couple of points here. First, the fact that government officials finally confirmed on Friday--to the self-appointed gods of the journalism world (that would be the NYTimes) something that local journalists in Houston deduced on Tuesday, should prove yet again (as if you needed more proof) that this administration will start a policy they know most Americans will oppose, and then finally get around to telling us later--typically after they've been caught doing it!

Second: The MFM constantly tries to portray the Internet as a place populated by the tinfoil-hat crowd. They do this in the hope that consumers of news will keep buying their woefully, fatally lefty-biased crap instead of getting on the Net and finding things for themselves.

But the Net is like having 30 million sets of eyes and ears in every office in the country. It's virtually impossible for something to happen that's not known by someone who posts on the Net. And the fact is, virtually every significant news story your paper carries, or that you see on TV, was on the Net two or three days ago.

I mention this because there's a move afoot in Washington to let the government "regulate" what's posted on the Net. Of course that's not what the bill is *called*, but that's what it will do.

If it passes, soon the Net will run only what the government minders want it to run.

Just FYI.


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