Tuesday, August 24

DHS dismissing thousands of deportation cases

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Department of Homeland Security is dismissing deportation cases against large numbers of illegal aliens.

Once again we see our nation's laws being selectively enforced. If you're politically connected or a member of a "protected" (politically favored) group you can break virtually any law and get away with it--as in the case of Obama's Aunt Zeituni.

This is de-facto amnesty, by executive order.

I say again: Given the highly controversial nature of this action, it would never have been instituted by DHS without the approval of the Obama administration.

And it can be predicted (with 100% assurance) to have three effects: Higher costs to taxpayers for services for illegals; more crime; and eventually, more votes for Democrats (whether legally or otherwise).

Wake up, people--your country is being stolen from you, bit by bit, every day.


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