Wednesday, August 25

Let's play "turnabout is fair play"

Re the controversy over the proposed "9/11 victory mosque," a commenter on Big Journalism wondered how well Muslims would react if the shoe was on the other foot:
Suppose by some weird chance a dozen radicalized Christians blew up the tallest building in a major Muslim city, killing 3,000 people. And suppose--in our further bizarro hypothesis--the reaction here in the U.S. was not shock and offers of aid but cheering crowds in the streets. Finally, suppose 9 years later a group of Christians--having absolutely no relationship whatsoever to the guys who blew up the building--proposed to build a 13-story cathedral two blocks from the site of the earlier destruction.

Is there anyone on the planet who thinks the local Muslims in that city would EVER allow this project to go forward?

(h/t Missy8s)


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