Monday, August 30

Atheists: "Why do so many Americans believe in God?"

In reading through dozens of published accounts of last Saturday's "Restoring Honor" rally on the Washington DC mall, I'm struck by how many of the critics admitted being atheists.

And it won't surprise you to learn that every one of 'em (so far) professed to being baffled and generally contemptuous of the very large gathering of "ordinary folks."

It doesn't take long for this self-styled "elite" to start rationalizing this observation.
"I am brilliant and well-educated, and I don't believe in God. Nor do any of my equally smart friends. On the other hand, a bunch of people who never went to college (or attended a non-Ivy-league school, which is almost as bad) do believe in God. Ergo, belief in God is proof of intellectual inferiority.

Oh, and racism, hostility, violent tendencies and a fondness for firearms."
From there it's a very short step to the obvious conclusion:
"Because those who believe in God are so woefully stupid, it would be a grave error to let them get anywhere near the levers of power. This is so important that if an election is close, it's reasonable to create a few hundred--or a few thousand--votes for our guy if it will get our candidate elected and deny the office to the stupid, superstitious side."
"Well of course great ends, innovative and progressive means. Why do you ask?"

This reinforces what those on the right have long known: Atheists are overwhelmingly likely to be leftists. And they're apparently horrified that so many on the right do believe in God.


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