Thursday, January 12

More evidence of the alleged compassion of leftists

Further to the "increasing polarization" theme: During the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Alito, the judge's wife was so upset (by the nasty tenor of the questioning, perhaps?) that she began crying. The cameras broadcast the scene.

So how do several dozen commenters at Kos react? They call her every nasty name in the book. Really, you have to read it to believe it.

I realize one can always find posted comments that show the other side at its worst, but the Kos comments seem over-the-top.
On second thought, they're actually pretty normal for that crowd.

How can any rational, compassionate person deal with people who think like that? What's the driving motivation behind someone who would unleash a stream of invective against a nominee's wife because she shed tears on camera? What common ground can exist?


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