Thursday, January 12

Calling all reasonable liberals--if any!

A lot of folks have noticed that Americans have become polarized to a worrisome degree over the past few years. Leftists seem to think those on the right are wingnuts, while lots of conservatives seem to think most liberals are moonbats.

Undoubtedly there are reasonable liberals out there. Unfortunately the leaders of the Dem/left are shown on the news almost every day making amazingly incendiary and stupid statements. Certainly there may be lots of people out there who can better articulate the liberal position, but the fact that the press doesn't seem to have found them seems telling.

Moderate lib/left/Dems say "We've got people who are better than that--really." If that's true, bring 'em out! Send the current spokesmen to the showers.

We're looking for people--whatever their political label--who have specific, detailed plans for dealing with terrorism. We don't find many liberals even attempting that these days. Rather, the left's leaders seem to believe 'terrorism' is a concept fabricated by the neocons, and that 9/11 was understandable revenge for the U.S. invading Iraq.

Instead of offering specific recommendations, the left is devoting all their energy and airtime to trying to show that the neo-cons were all wrong.

The Dem leadership (including their last presidential candidate) offers glittering generalities about the international community or winning hearts and minds overseas, but don't say how this could be accomplished. You think pulling out of Iraq will make Islamic fanatics stop hating us? Well, were we in Iraq when they destroyed the twin towers and killed 200 Americans at the Pentagon? Thanks for playing.

If you've got somebody hidden back there who has *specific* ideas on how we can get radical Islamists to renounce violence and live in peace with the West, we'd love to hear it. All we ask is that your plan be well-grounded and *specific*. (And no, saying "If we'd just stop provoking them, they'd stop doing the suicide-bomb thing" doesn't qualify as "well-grounded.")

Conservatives don't just want our ideas [link] to win to prove how smart we are. Rather, we believe in our ideas because we're convinced they'll work, and that no better strategy has been identified for dealing with the world *as it exists*, rather than one you *wish* existed.

Similarly, we don't oppose liberal ideas simply because you guys came up with them, but because history and realistic analysis lead us to conclude that appeasement and pacifism in the face of an implacable opponent not only doesn't work, but amounts to conceding defeat.

Perhaps the left/lib/Dem side is willing to concede. We're not.

(h/t: "Assistant Village Idiot" on One Cosmos)


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