Sunday, November 27

Joseph Stalin: World's greatest leader ever

The author of the piece below is a famous American entertainer writing about Joseph Stalin around 1938:
Here was clearly a man who seemed to embrace all. So kindly - I can never forget that warm feeling of kindliness and also a feeling of sureness. Here was one who was wise and good - the world and especially the socialist world was fortunate indeed to have his daily guidance. I lifted high my son to wave to this world leader, his leader...

They have sung - sing now and will sing his praise - in song and story. Stalin, Glory to Stalin. Forever will his name be honored and beloved in all lands.

In all spheres of modern life the influence of Stalin reaches wide and deep. From his last vastly discerning and comprehensive document, back through the years, his contributions to the science of our world society remain invaluable. One reverently speaks of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin - the shapers of humanity's richest present and future.

Through his deep humanity, by his wise understanding, he leaves us a rich and monumental heritage. Most importantly, he has charted the direction of our present and future struggles. He has pointed the way to peace--to friendly co-existence--to the exchange of mutual scientific and cultural contributions--to the end of war and destruction. How consistently, how patiently, he labored for peace and ever increasing abundance, with what deep kindliness and wisdom. He leaves tens of millions all over the earth bowed in heart-aching grief.

This isn't just "Yeah, I saw him once and it was inspiring," but rather is the kind of uncritical worship usually reserved for God. Stalin the humanitarian--yeah, that's it. Don't worry about the 30 million or so citizens of the USSR whose murder he ordered, because his "wise understanding" insures that they undoubtedly deserved their fate.

Stalin, who labored for "ever-increasing abundance." Which of course explains why the USSR and other communist nations vaulted to the top of the world's ranks in per-capita production and standard of living.

Stalin the peacemaker: Do as you're ordered and you shall have peace. Sort of reminds one of the "religion of peace" so admired and defended by so many Hollywood entertainers.

In truth, the author of the above could have been any of the millions of folks who were charmed by the lofty, eloquent, feel-good rhetoric of communism. All of which shows that yet again, perception (for which read: propaganda and media presentation) is everything.

(Author was actually Paul Robeson.)


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