Friday, May 13

Vote fraud found in Milwaukee (Kerry 71%)

Powerline has this, and it's understated dynamite. Do read their original, which has lots of links to source material:

A joint federal-state investigation of last November's election in Milwaukee has found incontrovertible evidence of voter fraud.

A couple of the guys at Powerline are attorneys and they don't use the term "incontrovertible evidence" lightly.

Fraud seems to have permeated the election in Milwaukee, which went for John Kerry by more than two to one; Kerry took Wisconsin by a total of just 11,000 votes.

The Milwaukee investigation has revealed that the number of ballots counted there exceeds, by 4,609, the number of people recorded as voting. There is no evident explanation for this other than ballot-box stuffing. In addition, investigators found "more than 200 cases of felons voting illegally and more than 100 people who voted twice, used fake names or false addresses or voted in the name of a dead person."

And that's just the fraud that has been specifically identified. Approximately 70,000 voters registered in Milwaukee on election day, and they voted overwhelmingly for John Kerry.
Kerry received 71% of the 277,000 votes cast in Milwaukee....

I don't know if Wisconsin requires folks registering to vote to declare a party affiliation, but if so it would be interesting to learn what percentage of those who registered to vote on election day were Democrats. Can anyone shed any light on these two questions?

As we've said before, it is only a matter of time until voter fraud determines the outcome of a presidential election. (Indeed, this may well have happened in 1960.) It could have happened last fall; that it didn't was entirely a matter of luck.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans are trying to adopt a photo ID requirement for future elections. So far their effort has been...blocked by the Democrats.

Hmmm...let's review: 1) 70,000 Milwaukee voters registered on the day of the election (too late to allow election officials to verify their self-declared information before accepting their ballots); 2) roughly 200,000 votes in that city went to Kerry; who 3) won Wisconsin's electoral votes by a total of 11,000 votes state-wide; and the Democrats are trying to block a photo-ID requirement intended to cut voter fraud??

Is anyone surprised by this?

It's a measure of how accustomed we've become to corruption that virtually no one except bloggers considers this an outrage--not just the "incontrovertible" evidence of vote fraud, but also the efforts of Democrats to block any reform measures.

It's been said that people get the government they deserve.


Update: Reporter Greg Borowski at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel did a good job of summarizing the findings of the investigation. It's encouraging to see at least one member of the MSM publicizing this scandal.

While it's bad enough that election officials allowed hundreds of people to register--and vote--even though they didn't even write a name on their registration card, or gave a home address that was outside the city (thus logically making them ineligible to vote in Milwaukee), the really large (and completely untraceable) element of fraud is buried 2/3rds of the way down the article:
Although city election officials initially blamed postelection data entry for the flaws, the newspaper found gaps existed at dozens of wards, with more votes counted than people tallied in log books.

This is the real bomb: The easiest way to steal an election is to literally stuff ballots into the box, typically after the polls close. Of course the problem with this approach is that you end up with lots more ballots than "logged" (i.e. live, real) voters.

On the other hand, plain ol' stuffing has the advantage of not being vulnerable to the sort of paper-trail verification that's so far found thousands of apparently-bogus registrations.

Hey, Sentinel-Journal, how 'bout telling us how many precincts had more votes tallied than voters; how many more votes were tallied than logged voters; and how many votes in these precincts went for each party's candidate?



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