Saturday, March 5

Charming folks

From Australia's

THE Iraq wing of al-Qaeda has launched an online publication to rally Muslims to wage holy war against what they term “infidel crusaders.” The first edition of the magazine has been posted on Islamist websites.

The publication said the group would wage war to regain land from “infidels and apostates,” and to implement Islamic law in Iraq. “We will kill those weak enough to ally themselves with the infidels in their war against Muslims in Iraq, including the police and army and agents,” it said.

“The infidels’ war against Muslims is a religious war whose first aim is to eradicate Islam and Muslims." The group also condemned elections in Iraq as a violation of Islam, saying democracy was an “infidel” practice because it allowed the rule of man instead of that of God.
The Left constantly complains that we need to understand Islamists. What we learn here--in their own words--is that these particular Islamists consider democracy a creation of the infidel.


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