Friday, December 31

"Professor, what's a 'filibuster'?"

With so many under-30's reading blogs, and with public education in the U.S. having fallen into such disrepair in the last couple of decades, I suggest that conservative bloggers make more effort to *explain terms of art*-- and historical context, if applicable--for the benefit of these under-30 readers.

For example, most people over 30 or so know what a filibuster is, but my experience with college students suggests only a small percentage of high-school seniors do. Thus when bloggers complain about Democrat senators filibustering W's judicial nominees--or when talk radio takes up the same subject--I'm not sure many kids under 25 actually understand what's up.

Of course, if you don't know what a filibuster is, and its historical usage, you can't understand why this tactic might sometimes be considered unreasonable.

Just my two cents...


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